Management & Legal Consulting

Swissgroup, one group two companies, specialized in corporate and management consulting as well as legal advisory offers a “one-stop-shop” approach for clients interested in setting up operations in the United Arab Emirates as a hub for its local, regional and international business development.

We offer our clients a wide range of comprehensive and practical advice to navigate through the legal and administrative pitfalls in the UAE. Our international team of qualified practitioners, lawyers, accountants and business consultants who speak 8 different languages under Swiss Management combines expertise and capability with an intimate and profound knowledge of the local requirements in the Middle East since the 1970s.

We cleave to high ethical and professional standards in all our activities. We therefore enjoy the confidence of numerous wealthy private clients as well as local and international authorities and governmental agencies.

One Group, two Companies

Swiss ILC Services DMCC
Advisory, Fiduciary and Management consulting

Swissgroup, with its Dubai based company, Swiss ILC Services DMCC, provides a wide range of comprehensive advisory, management, commercial and accounting services (including VAT handling) for corporate and private clients.

Swissgroup provides support in relocating to or taking up residence in the United Arab Emirates while also planning and setting up the appropriate structures. While evaluating the most suitable domestic and international arrangements we offer extensive experience in advising our clients in either setting up a presence in the UAE (formation of local LLC companies, free zone as well as offshore entities and Special Purpose Vehicles) or optimizing and maintaining existing corporate structures and entities.

Our long term expertise of the Middle East is also of great importance when dealing with the various authorities for company and immigration issues while also guiding us in finding the suitable local partners or local service agents required for certain company forms.

Swiss International Legal Consultants Ltd
Legal consulting

Through our Abu Dhabi based legal consultancy, Swiss International Legal Consultants Ltd, we provide a wide range of legal advisory services. This includes fiduciary and tax planning services (amongst others, regarding the double tax treaties between various countries and the United Arab Emirates and the UAE Substance Regulations) as well as a comprehensive estate planning (including the registration of wills for non-Muslims). In corporate succession and estate planning we think long term and seek sustainable long term solutions. Given our international client base, our aim is to ensure maximum international flexibility through early planning.

We provide advice on the foundation, organisation and administration of all corporate structures that are relevant in the United Arab Emirates. Swiss International Legal Consultants Ldt not only advises company shareholders and owners but also the companies themselves, ranging from small, family-owned firms to multinationals.

Beside legal advice on corporate and general contract matters, real estate and family law issues we also provide regulatory and compliance services to our clients.

Our values
We make sure to protect clients’ interests with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.
The long-lasting relationships we build with our clients are personal and friendly - a sign of unwavering mutual trust.
We also manage complex issues while maintaining independent judgment and abiding by a strict code of ethics.
We have preserved the traditions, values ​​and behaviours that underpin the trust we establish with our clients.

Swiss legacy

Swiss ILC Services DMCC, forming the headquarter of the Swissgroup operations, is located in the Swiss Tower in the Jumeirah Lakes Tower Area in Dubai. Swiss Tower is the home of multiple Swiss and Swiss related companies.

The Swissgroup is also a member of the Swiss Business Council while member of the Management serve as council board member and chair the Swiss Financial Group, a sub-committee of the Business Council including most of the Swiss Banks operating in the Middle East.

We act regularly as moderators and speakers at events organized by the Swiss Business Council and Swiss Financial Group in the Middle East and Europe, acting as proud ambassadors of the UAE and Switzerland, promoting the business opportunities of these two countries.

Swiss Group is in partnership with VECO Group a privately owned and independent Swiss multi-family office based in Lugano, the Swiss-Italian part of Switzerland, with branches in London, Hong Kong and Malta, helping clients succeed in the private, family, corporate and commercial sectors since 1973.