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January 2022 - Press release

Swiss Group provides a suite of free resources to help businesses and individuals navigate the ever-evolving landscape of UAE law.

With an ambitious programme of legislative reform now in full swing, Swiss Group has issued resources to help people navigate the Emirates’ rapidly shifting legal landscape

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18 January 2022

As officials push forward with the UAE National Agenda – an unprecedented programme of ambitious legislative reforms, launched to coincide with the nation’s Golden Jubilee – Swiss Group has issued a suite of free resources to help businesses and individuals navigate the country’s rapidly evolving legal landscape.

The management and legal consultancy has compiled a selection of guides, covering topics such as UAE labour law, cryptocurrency regulations, visa options, company setup rules, and more. The resources are available free of charge from Swiss Group’s website.

Described by many as the largest legislative reform in the country’s 50-year history, 2021 saw UAE leaders introduce changes to more than 40 laws, including rules related to commercial companies, online security, trade, copyright, residency, narcotics and social issues.

Commenting on the latest legislation, Michael Lane, Managing Director at Swiss Group, said: “The agenda includes a set of national indicators in education, healthcare, economy, police and security, justice, society, housing, infrastructure and government services. It seems like these indicators have catalysed a raft of new laws, set to herald a new era for the – still young – UAE.

“While the exact nature of many of the legal reforms is still emerging, we know that some 540 specialists and experts from 50 federal and local authorities worked together over five months, in consultation with more than 100 private sector organisations, to formulate the changes.

”Labour law is one area currently undergoing a comprehensive overhaul in the Emirates. The updated legislation is designed to “create a [more] flexible and competitive work environment”, with changes applying to part-time and temporary work in the private sector. Rules surrounding maternity and paternity leave, hiring teenagers, discrimination in the workplace and equal pay, are also being revised.

Swiss Group has published a comprehensive review of the key changes affecting UAE labour law, by comparing the new with the old law, which are scheduled to come into effect from 2 February 2022.

UAE officials have also taken measures to bolster the country’s visa system. Last year saw the introduction of a host of new visa options, including a five-year ‘multiple entry visa’ for employees of multinational corporations; a new ‘green visa’ that expands self-residency status to investors, entrepreneurs, highly skilled individuals, and top students and graduates; and the federal ‘freelance visa’, which is designed to facilitate self-employed professionals working in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and digital currencies.

In a bid to support individuals who are considering relocating to the UAE, and who wish to explore residency options, Swiss Group has released an up-to-date guide entitled: Decoding the UAE’s Visa Landscape.

The latest legislative reforms come as part of the UAE’s ‘Projects of the 50’ concept, a wide-ranging and ambitious scheme launched to mark the nation’s 50th anniversary.

The new legislation has been drafted to help drive positive change in line with the UAE National Agenda’s six key pillars: a cohesive society and preserved identity; a safe, public and fair judiciary; a competitive knowledge economy; a first-rate education system; world-class healthcare; and a sustainable environment and infrastructure.

“At Swiss Group, we’ve shared most of the UAE’s dramatic journey through the last five decades, and we remain thrilled to be part of such ambitious plans,” said Michael. “Our role remains to keep abreast of a sometimes rapidly changing regulatory framework, but we also excel in providing clarity in complexity, ensuring peace of minds for our clients.

“Every day, we are proud to play a part in the economic development of the nation, and to help businesses, entrepreneurs and investors understand how they can join in on the UAE’s journey to becoming one of the best nations in the world,” he concluded.

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