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October 2022 - News

Overhaul of UAE Visa Legal Framework

In a nutshell - what is new?

1. Standard Employment / Investor Free Zone Visa
As of 4 October 2022, the previous "standard" 3 years visa validity (for free zone related Visas) will no longer be available, neither for investors, employees nor their dependents. The new "standard" visa will be for either 1 or 2 years (only) for all types of new visas, visa renewals and/or visa transfers.

Subsequently, as confirmed by the competent immigration authorities, all visa currently under processing will automatically be converted to the new 2 years visa. As a matter of fact, all UAE residency Visa and the related Emirates ID issued before 4 October 2022 with a 3 years validity will remain valid until expiry/renewal date.

2. New UAE visa Schemes available
The UAE government has issued a new federal visa scheme, amongst others a new Green Visa, revamped Golden Visa regulations, a new job seeker visa and changes to tourist visas.

a) UAE Long Term Visas
"Golden Visa" (10 years validity):
First implemented already in 2019 enabling foreign talents and investors to live, work and study in the UAE. The criteria to obtain such long term visa have been eased with the new legislation.

"Green Visa" (5 Years validity)
Aimed at attracting talents in specific sectors and industries (such as highly skilled people, investors, entrepreneurs, and people with special expertise).

b) Tourist Visas
Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (5 Years Validity)
Enables tourists and visitors of all nationalities to enter the UAE multiple times (on self-sponsorship) allowing to remain in the country for 90 days on each visit (with an extension for another 90 days possible).

Tourist Visa for Business (30 days validity)
Encouraging investors and entrepreneurs to explore business and investment opportunities on the ground.

Tourist Visa for Relative/Friends (30 days validity)
Enables visitors to apply for UAE entry permit if related or friend of a UAE citizen/resident.

c) Job Seeker Visa
Job Exploration Visa (30/90 days validity)
Introduced to attract talents and skilled professionals to explore job opportunities available on the ground.

Swiss Group will gladly assist you in any aspects related to these new changes. Further updates and the visa requirements will be updated soon on our website.